Warning: Are You Weak in the Knees?

Warning: Are You Weak in the Knees?

Are you weak in the knees? Warning: it’s possible that your exercising may be doing more harm than good.

If you experience knee pain, you’re not alone. But should you be concerned?*

Occasional pain in the knees is not an uncommon feeling for some, especially when first beginning a new exercise routine.

Recent studies have also shown that women are more prone to injury than men.

It may help to understand the  functioning and anatomical importance of this often overlooked part of our bodies, and how critical it is to safely perform exercise movements to avoid injury and achieve positive results.

“Our knee is the most complicated and largest joint in our body. It’s also the most vulnerable…”. “In addition to wear and tear on the knee, sports injuries are the source of many knee problems.” (continue reading…)


Quick and simple tips to reduce pain and strengthen your knees!


If you are interested in more tips from Aliesa who presented the TV Knee Exercise in the video above, find out more from her here.

*If you have experienced knee injury or pain in the past, it’s very important to consult your personal physician for advice regarding exercise, particularly any high impact movements.

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