Tune-In Next Time…

Tune-In Next Time…

Tune in, tone up, and wind down. Did you know that there’s actually a link between the type of music your listening to and your health? If you don’t believe it, you better listen up.

Being in tune with your body is important. Understandably, the foods you eat, the exercises you perform, and the rest that you enjoy are the “Big 3″ with regard to proper biological functioning. But researchers are confirming something that they say should be music to your ears.

There have been ongoing, extensive studies regarding the benefits of workout music, and how it affects the synchronization between your mind and body during times of physical exertion. Still, there’s more.

“Recent research clarifies not only what type of music is best suited to a workout, but also how music…” [read full article]


Did you know that only humans and songbirds are wired to respond to music? Learn more…


Let us know…what songs are the favorites on your playlist???



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