The Mind’s Medicine – Just What the Doctor Ordered

The Mind’s Medicine – Just What the Doctor Ordered

In this TEDx Talk, Dr. Lissa Rankin discusses unbelievable, documented cases of curing cancer, erasing HIV,  healing liver disease, reversing kidney failure –and the list goes on and on.

How was this achieved?

With an extra-strength, double dose of nothing more than…PLACEBO.

Yup, you heard right.

Watch this eye opening video that explores the mind’s untapped power at healing the physical body from otherwise incurable diseases.

After hearing what she had to say 12 minutes in, I’ll never be pessimistic again!

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  • posted March-07-2014 by Pamela Morrell

    I truly believe the body can heal it self, sadly our medical doctors have just become sellers of pills, they give pills for everything.  We would be so much better If we eat right, exercise right, socialize right, love right. so many of our illnesses are brought on by our own foolishness and addictions

  • posted March-06-2014 by Kampechara

    Exploration of mind..A good choice to watch.

  • posted March-06-2014 by drkrieger

    Dr. Rankin is giving what is basically a lecture on the principles of chiropractic.  The body is a self-healing organism and it requires the complete and unsullied communication of the central nervous system to the rest of the body for total health and normal function.  Our ability to heal is far greater than we have been allowed to believe (this line is actually on a banner that is hung in the main room of the NY Chiropractic Council conventions).  I'm happy that Dr. Rankin knows these dictums too.

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