Did You Get The Business End of Imported Olive Oil?

Did You Get The Business End of Imported Olive Oil?

Did you know that imported olive oil is already becoming a big business?

According to a recent investigation, one company is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars preparing to manufacture imported olive oil in quite a different way.

Will they be getting your money?

With the fraud exposed, we’re now aware that the door is wide open for businesses to take advantage of consumers.

It appears that some companies may be willing to ditch their traditional family business values in order to cash in on a lucrative deal.

“Independent Can carved out a niche for itself making tins for companies like Phillips Seafood, Nestle and Godiva. If you’ve bought a tin of Zippo lighter fluid, you’ve also bought one of Independent Can’s products. But Rick Huether, Independent Can’s CEO, sees olive oil as the company’s next big money maker.”

“We’re one of the few companies investing in what we see as a growth market,” said Huether, who declined to give revenue projections for the line. Independent, which is privately held, has revenue in excess of $50 million a year, he said.”

“That figure could grow, with the way Americans are taking to olive oil. Americans consumed 277,000 tons of olive oil last year, dipping their bread in it, using it to saute vegetables and drizzling it on pasta and salads.”

“Huether, Independent Can’s CEO, not only wants to crack the domestic olive oil market. He also wants to capture a share of the imported olive oil market. He’s close to inking a deal to make tins for an unnamed olive oil importer.” (read full article here)


Even with a few modernizations, harvesting olives and making olive oil is labor intensive. Watch and see the time-honored process of producing pure oil of this healthy fruit.




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