6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Strike This Pose

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Strike This Pose

Yoga fan or not, this easy pose is one that will help anyone.

Would you believe it helps with bone density?

Yoga helps with more than bone density, though let me go ahead and show you one of my favorite poses.

The “Downward Dog” pose is said to be one of the easiest and most beneficial yoga positions say’s Self:

1.”It builds bone density. Postures like Downward Dog (as well as more difficult arm balances) that place weight on the arms and shoulders are great for building upper body strength and preserving bone density, says Herbert–especially important for women as we age and become more at risk for osteoporosis.

2. It wakes you up. Herbert cites B.S.K. Iyngar, the 94-year-old founder of Iyngar yoga, who says that Downward Dog is one of the best poses you can do when you’re fatigued. “He recommends at least a minute in the pose,” she says, “to bring back lost energy for runners after a hard race.” It works equally well, she adds, for those of us who are just tired from a long day at the office, too.

3. It eliminates stiffness and back pain. “I find it’s good for people who get pain in their shoulders and upper back,” says Herbert. “Practicing it with proper alignment can make your upper back more flexible and less likely to store so much tension.”

4. It boosts circulation. Any pose where the heart is above the head is a good one for the circulatory system, because it encourages blood flow throughout the body. An active circulatory system helps flush toxins from our body, keep our immune system in tip-top shape, and helps regulate blood pressure.

5. It can be easily modified. If you’re overweight, it can be intimidating, difficult, or even painful to put so much weight on your arms in downward dog. If the posture’s not comfortable for you, you can always drop down into Dolphin Pose, with elbows on the ground, to get many of the same benefits. (If you have high blood pressure, talk to your doctor before attempting downward dog, as well.)

My Favorite Yoga Poses
6. It’s a good check in with your body. Herbert says that yoga classes spend so much time in Downward Dog because it’s a good way to “take inventory” about how you’re feeling. “It stretches your arms, legs and back all at once, and you can take notice of what feels good and what you need to work on.”

I’ve started experimenting with yoga recently, and while I still recommend other types of short high intensity workouts for most of your exercise, yoga has made it into my regular rotation because of all the benefits it offers.

And at the same time it burns a lot of calories.

Find out on the next page which yoga workouts I highly recommend that will help you increase calorie burn, help your bodies circulation, reduce back pain, build your bone density and tons more.

My Favorite Yoga Poses

Let me know what you think in the comments or any questions you have.


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